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4 Essential Things For Every First Apartment

Posted by ApartmentGenie on May 27, 2016
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apartment livingEvery year, almost 36 million Americans move. Of the Americans who moved, 14.8% moved because they wanted a new place to live. It is no surprise that half of all moves happen during the summer, as thousands of recent college graduates are looking to spread their wings and get out on their own.

If you are a recent college graduate moving into a new apartment complex, here are four apartment amenities you need. After all, apartment living is a fun adventure so go ahead and have fun decorating!

A table you can use for everything
We all know that apartments can be small, so investing in a multipurpose table is crucial for your new place! You will come to rely on this table for many uses — from crafting to dinner parties to even impromptu seating — so make sure it is quality! A good thing to look for is a table with expanding leaves so you can accommodate more than just a couple of your friends.

Art and Photographs
Nothing will make your new home more inviting than framed artwork and pictures. You will be missing your college friends, so feel free to place snapshots in every place you find. Or you can find a couple of cool prints at an art store, frame them and make a statement!

Who doesn’t want a puppy or a kitten right when they move away from home for the first time? Well, invest in a plant first. They bring character to your new place, and if you can’t handle watering an aloe plant once in a while, then it’s safe to say an animal is not the best for you when it comes to apartment living.

A Talking Piece
Whether it is a family heirloom passed down by your grandmother, or cool decorative pieces you picked up from a flea market, these accessories will bring history to your little place. Plus, they offer a unique talking point when you bring guests over for the first time.

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