Apartment Living: 5 Ideas to Make Your Living Room More Spacious

WI-1 (8) (620x465)So you found the perfect Reno apartment for you. Now it is time to decorate. Below are some design tips to help you maximize your space and still make it uniquely yours.

Stick to light colors
Darker colors tend to make a space feel cramped. This does not mean you have to stick only to white. Instead, look for a color palette with lighter tones and go from there. From your window treatments to the coffee table and couch cushions, sticking to a lighter color will provide your space with the optical illusion that it is larger than it really is.

Consider furniture carefully
When you have a small space, every little piece counts. Look for a daybed that can double as a guest bed for visitors or an apartment-sized sofa. Find pieces that can double as storage, such as a side table on wheels or a trunk that can act as an ottoman.

Create a focal point
Creating a center piece can draw the eye and make a space feel larger as well. Pick an intricate design piece on an accent wall or a well-placed painting. Other strategic measures, such as matching your throw pillows to the focal point help everything tie together. Keeping the area clutter free can also add to the spaciousness of the room.

Add other visual elements
Adding decorative mirrors or lighting will serve more than one purpose and add an interesting detail to your small space. Make a careful selection to fit your decor style, whether you are into a rustic or modern look. A mirror can help elongate your space, while lighting helps to soften the area.

Keep it clean and simple
Stick to the mantra “Less is more” when you are working with cozy spaces. By adhering to a more minimalist style, your apartment will feel more sleek than cramped. Keeping your place clean and well-maintained will help with your minimalist endeavor.

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