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10 Hacks That Will Help Your Rental Apartment Feel Like Home

Posted by ApartmentGenie on June 30, 2016
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movingAlmost 36 million Americans move every year, so that means 36 million rental apartments and housing rentals are changing owners. Of the 33% of renters who moved, 9.8% moved within the same state, 1.55% moved to a different state, and .34% moved to another country. Once you’ve secured a new place, the hardest part is making your rental spaces a proper home. Making a new apartment into a home does not have to be tricky, and with these tips and tricks, moving will never be easier!

1. Make sure it is clean before you move in. You do not want to have to deal with a dirty and dusty apartment the day you move in, so if possible, head there a few days before to get it nice and clean.

2. Plug in your lamps. You will soon get so caught up in moving that before you know it, it will be dark out. The easiest way to make your new place cozy is to unpack all of your lights first and to make it as bright as possible!

3. Set up your bathroom. No one wants to take a shower without a shower curtain or to have to rummage through boxes to find soap and towels. Don’t forget the toilet paper and bath mat!

4. Play some music! Moving shouldn’t have to feel like a chore, and playing music is a great way to have fun while unpacking.

5. Use some candles to get the warm, lived-in feel you are looking for.

6. Put up curtains, as they make any room seem more inviting and welcoming.

7. Pick one room to set up and prioritize it. Remove all boxes, add furniture and blankets, and you will feel way more accomplished than if you were to unpack little by little in each room.

8. Don’t forget your favorite pictures and artwork! Take advantage of moving to re-position them on the walls to take on that fresh, new effect.

9. Introduce yourself to the neighbors. Take this opportunity to invite them over to dinner to get acquainted, which will give you an excuse to finish unpacking!

10. Take advantage of the apartment amenities. If your new apartment offers a gym, go ahead and frequent it and see if you recognize any familiar faces. Same goes with laundry, you never know who you will meet!

With these tips in mind, it will be easy to make your new space a homey place you can’t wait to get back to!

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