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Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget With These Tips and Tricks

Posted by ApartmentGenie on July 5, 2016
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movingMoving to a different apartment complex means time for a renovation! The average American will move about 12 times in their lifetime, so each American has 12 times in their lifetime to make over their home.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and is the place you retreat to after a long day. It is no secret that moving can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean your sanctuary has to suffer! Here are six budget bedroom decorating tips to make apartment living that much better:

1. Add a statement wall
Either paint or place wallpaper on one wall to make a statement. You can be creative, and paint it a bright color or go for a patterned wallpaper.

2. Add molding
Placing molding on the ceiling is an easy way to get a streamlined look in your bedroom. You can even paint the molding if you want to show it off.

3. Paint the ceiling
Many people often forget the fifth wall of a room — the ceiling! Painting the ceiling will give a pop of color that will make the room look unique, without being too overwhelming.

4. Update your bed
Moving means buying new sheets and linens, or even making them, if you want to be crafty! It is easier than you might think to make a new duvet cover: just buy two flat sheets and sew them together on three sides for an unique duvet. Add buttons or velcro at the opening, to keep your comforter in place.

5.Don’t forget about lighting
Lighting is important, not only to help you see, but also to add to the ambiance of your room. If your apartment comes with apartment amenities like overhead ceiling lights, and/or built in light sconces, use them to your advantage. Place artwork on these walls so they can be showcased properly. Also, feel free to play with multiple light sources in order to create ambiance.

6. Add a few mirrors
If you are dealing with a small room, adding a mirror will make your room look larger and brighter! Full length mirrors are the easiest way to add depth to any room.

Almost 36 million Americans move every year, with 15% moving because they wanted new or better rental spaces. If you are in search of Reno apartments, head on over to Apartment Genie to find the perfect new home!

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