Apartment Living for the Reno Sports Fan

aces-ballpark-renoReno is a great place to live. The area has something to offer whether you are an avid sports fan or an athlete yourself.

The Reno Aces, the AAA affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks play at Aces Ballpark, while the Reno Astros are a semi pro baseball team that plays in the area. For basketball fans the Reno Bighorns, a NBA development team, also call Reno home. Reno is home to two roller derby teams, the Reno Roller Girls and the Battle Born Derby Demons. And we also hosts several boxing and mixed martial arts competitions, the Reno Tahoe Open of the PGA tour, and the U.S. Bowling Congress Open Championships at the National Bowling Stadium.

In addition to spectator sports, Reno offers its residents many opportunities for recreational sports. The area is home to several major ski resorts where locals can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. In warmer months residents can enjoy an extensive network of bike trails, lakes with water sports opportunities, fishing, and kayaking.Looking to rent a house?

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