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Common Mistakes Not to Make When You Move

Posted by ApartmentGenie on April 27, 2016
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movingAlmost 36 million Americans move every year. Of these Americans who moved, nine percent moved within the same state, one and a half percent moved to a different state, and a third of a percent moved from the US to another country. People move for many different reasons, and on average, an American will move about 12 times in their lifetime. If you are moving, make sure to avoid these five moving mistakes.

Thinking you can do it all yourself
Moving is a big task and can be very complicated and overwhelming if done completely by yourself. Moving to a new apartment complex requires extensive planning in advance, so make sure to give yourself ample amounts of time to research what you will need extra help with! You can always talk to your friends who have moved or a moving company to get the full picture before you decide.

You didn’t invest in insurance
No matter if you hire a professional, or ask your friends for a favor, there is a probability something will get dropped during transport. Go to extra lengths to make sure your mover has insurance to cover the entire cost of something if it falls. Also, if you have extra special heirlooms, it wouldn’t hurt to take an insurance policy out on those either.

You didn’t plan on the large objects
Your washer and dryer, your couch, and your flat screen TV are all items that eventually need to move as well! Plan accordingly with your friends, parents or movers and see who has the biggest car that can come and help!

Don’t forget your pet!
This is especially important for those pets traveling a long distance or to another country. In order to ensure the comfort of your furry friend, visit the vet before the move to get any travel tips, car sickness medication, and to make sure its shots and vaccines are up to date. When traveling, be sure to carry your pet’s papers with you, especially if you cross state lines.

Purge your house before you move!
The last thing you want is to have to pack a lot of unnecessary stuff, and then have to find a new place for them when you get to your new space. So, clean, declutter, and host a garage sale! You’ll have some extra cash, and less junk to move around.

Apartment living does not have to be hard. If you are looking to move and need a place to go, contact the experts at Apartment Genie, home to the best housing rentals and apartments in Reno NV you can find!

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