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Tips and Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier When Moving

Posted by ApartmentGenie on April 18, 2016
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movingSo, you found a new place and you are moving! This transition can be all fun and exciting until you realize how much stuff you have and how stressful moving can be. You are not alone — over 40 million Americans move every year with half of the moves taking place during the summer. In general, the average American moves about 12 times in their lifetime, making it necessary to have a few tricks up your sleeve when getting ready to transition into your space whether it be an apartment complex or housing rentals. Make sure to use some of the tips and tricks below to make your life so much easier when moving and get ready to enjoy some apartment living!

Pack a overnight bag with the essentials.
Chances are you will be exhausted the night of your big move, and you will not want to unpack anything. Prepare a bag with all of your essentials for easy access, including a change of clothes for work next day, toiletries, and your electronics.

Keep the items you need first in a distinguishable bin.
This includes items you will need to make living easier the first few days. Toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, some eating utensils and dishes, phone charger, power strips and box cutters.

Use your clothing for extra padding.
Wrap your dishware and valuables in your clothing to save on bubble wrap waste! Sweaters and sweatshirts offer padding for dishes and bowls, and clean socks are perfect for stemware.

Label your boxes.
Even though it may seem self-explanatory, labeling your boxes with the room they go to will save you time in the end as you can unpack per room. This is especially great for unpacking the important stuff first, and will make the whole process seem manageable. Also, remember to put the labels on the sides of the boxes so you can easily see them if the boxes are stacked!

Saran wrap is your friend.
Use saran wrap to cover any cosmetic or cleaning bottles that may leak during the move. You can also wrap your dresser drawers, which will keep you from having to repack its contents.

Use as many sandwich baggies that you can find!
These little gems are great for holding small parts of things that have to be taken apart and reinstalled. You can also use them to hold your electronic cords, jewelry, and miscellaneous snacks you don’t want to throw out.

So now that you have all these tips in mind, contact Apartment Genie to help you find the perfect rental spaces in Reno NV!

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