Finding apartments in your price range and in your preferred neighborhood

roselake7The first step to better apartment living is to find a good apartment to begin with. It takes a little research, but with some time and some dedication you should be able to find a nice apartment in the Reno/Sparks neighborhood you want. Apartment Genie is a great tool to help you find rentals that are in your price range and in your preferred neighborhoods.

Apartment Genie’s search feature and refinement tools provides users with a clear and simple guide to apartment living with Reno apartment listings in a user-friendly format for desktop and mobile devices. Choose your preferred apartment price, area and size of unit to narrow down your search with just a few clicks. Then sort through photo galleries, floor plans and apartment amenities to find the perfect place for you!

Once you have some apartments in mind it’s time to go see the units in person. If you’re moving to an area you already know or that’s close to where you live now, you have the luxury of driving through or visiting the area before you schedule an appointment to see the property with the owner. Check out the community and see if the amenities match up with what you’re looking for. If you enjoy eating out and nightlife, make sure you’re not moving to a quiet suburb or vice versa.

To get started, check out Apartment Genie for a quick and easy way to find the best Reno apartment for you!