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Moving to a New Place? Make Sure Not to Forget These Items!

Posted by ApartmentGenie on November 7, 2016
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apartment livingMoving to your first apartment can be challenging. Between coming up with the deposit, finding a roommate, and maybe learning a new neighborhood, it can seem overwhelming. In midst of everything you are doing, you also must pack up your life into boxes. In addition, apartment living requires some items that you may not already own, especially if you’ve been living at home or in a dormitory. Here’s a checklist to help you know what you’ll need:

For the kitchen
Even if you do not consider yourself a master chef, you will still need a few necessities in the kitchen to make apartment living easy.

1. A can and bottle opener, and a corkscrew.

2. An ice cube tray.

3. An oven mitt and a few trivets; you don’t want to lose your deposit over a burn on the counter!

4. Measuring cups and measuring spoons.

5. A trash bin (check to make sure one isn’t included) along with indoor garbage cans, and of course garbage bags to line them.

6. Dish drying rack.

7. Sponges and kitchen towels. You can never have too many!

8. Cutting boards.

9. A colander.

10. Plastic containers for food storage.

For the living room
You will want your living room to feel as cozy as possible. Adding these items will help you:

1. Lamps, and light bulbs!

2. Television stand, preferably one with extra storage.

3. A coffee table, and some coasters so your drinks don’t ruin the table.

4. Wall decor.

5. An area rug if you have hardwood floors, especially if you have downstairs neighbors.

For the bedroom
Your bedroom will be your sanctuary, and will make apartment living bearable if you want to get away from your roommate for a few hours. But don’t forget:

1. A full-length mirror.

2. A small nightstand.

3. Floor and table lamps; you will definitely want to create ambiance with mood lighting here.

4. Curtains or blinds.

5. At least two sets of sheets, as well as some extra comforters, blankets and pillows.

6. Closet storage: think shoe racks, hanging baskets, and shelving.

For the bathroom
Some may argue this room is the most important room in the apartment complex. Make it so with these items:

1. Shower curtain, a curtain liner, and rings.

2. A tub liner to prevent slipping, and a bathmat for outside the tub or shower.

3. A good set of towels, including hand towels, and an over-the-door hook if your new place doesn’t have towel racks.

4. Cleaning supplies, such as a toilet brush, a plunger, and multi-purpose cleaner.

5. A soap dish or hand-soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and smaller storage for items like Q-tips or makeup.

Almost 15% of people chose to move rental spaces because they wanted a new or better home/apartment. Follow this easy not-to-forget apartment guide to make apartment living in your new abode stress free and easy!

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