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Moving Out? Follow This Checklist First!

Posted by ApartmentGenie on November 10, 2016
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Moving Out? Follow This Checklist First!

movingSo you are moving. You have chosen a new apartment complex, have packed everything you own in boxes, and you are getting excited to start apartment living in a whole new space. However, before you hand in your keys, here is a checklist of some important things that you shouldn’t forget to do.

Clean, clean, clean
You want your apartment to look better than it did when you moved in, so get to cleaning! Deep clean the entire place — this includes washing the carpet, dusting the walls and ceiling fixtures, scrubbing the bathtub and surrounding grout, and cleaning and polishing all windows. This is also the time to patch up any holes in the wall from your hanging artwork, and don’t forget to sand over each spot so your landlord will have a smooth surface to paint over if need be.

Empty out the fridge and freezer
This easy task is pretty easy to forget, but is incredibly important as no landlord will give back a security deposit if you leave a sticky fridge behind. Take every last item out of the fridge, and give it a good clean.

Go through each room
Double, even triple check every single room before you leave. This includes looking in the closets, under the beds, the drawers, the cupboards, and the top shelf of every cabinet. You’ll be surprised at what you find!

Secure the home
Make sure to close and lock every window and door before you leave. Also, unplug all appliances.

Adjust the thermostat
Always turn the heating and cooling off before you leave. Additionally, if you are moving during the wintertime, make sure to shut off the water to prevent frozen pipes.

Stop all mail and newspapers
Contact the post office when you change addresses, and always leave your forwarding address with your landlord.

Get your security deposit back
Don’t forget this valuable piece of the puzzle! Provided everything is in good shape at the apartment, when the lease period ends, the landlord must return your security deposit, plus any other agreed-upon interest, within 30 days.

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