Reno Apartment Guide: Tips For An Easier Move

New Lakeview Apartments (4)So you found the perfect Reno apartment. The next step is just to pack up all of your stuff and move it into the new apartment. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Not quite. A move requires a lot of planning and careful organization to go smoothly. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned professional, below are some tips to help make your move a little easier.

A move isn’t something you can simply prepare for over a weekend. Always plan ahead and begin packing before your actual move date. Make sure all of your boxes are labelled appropriately so they end up in the right room before you open them.

In the process of packing, you might discover items that you no longer need. Donate them so that you’ll have fewer things to haul over to your new apartment.

Reserve the elevator
Regardless of what floor you’re moving into to, getting all of your furniture into your new apartment isn’t going to be easy. Luckily, most apartments have large service elevators that can be used specifically for this purpose. Some apartments may even let you reserve an elevator a few months in advance.

Forward mail and transfer services
It’s important to have any monthly services, such as existing cable, phone, Internet, etc. transferred over to your new address (or cancelled at your old place, if you won’t need them anymore). Be sure to have your mail forwarded as well to avoid any missed bills.

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