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15 Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Hacks Anyone Should Know

Posted by ApartmentGenie on November 16, 2016
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15 Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Hacks Anyone Should Know

movingAmericans move all the time — hardly a weekend goes by when you don’t see a moving truck backed up to someone’s apartment door or in their home’s driveway. Of those who move, almost 10% moved within the same state, 1.55% choose a different state to live in, and only 0.33% make the move to another country. Yet all these movers have one thing in common: moving is expensive. Whether they’re moving into, or out of, student housing, rental apartments or housing rentals, every mover can sure stand to save a few bucks during the process. So save your precious cash for your next rent payment with these genius, budget-friendly moving hacks.

  1. Need some extra storage space? Re-purpose a shower rod as an impromptu rack to hang linens, scarves, dish towels. Pro tip: use a pair of sticky-backed hooks to hang the rod so you don’t have to drill a hole in the wall!
  2. Have an exposed closet or clothing rack? Add some colorful tape to spruce up your hangers and make them feel brand new.
  3. Want mood lighting? Draw some designs on exposed light bulbs to get a funky ambiance in your room.
  4. Add a pop of unexpected color by painting just the panels of a door or the drawers of your dresser.
  5. Place a mismatch of different pillar candles in your empty fireplace during the summer months to still get that glowy-fire feeling.
  6. Coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter to add some inexpensive glitz and glam.
  7. Tying your shower curtains with bows give the bathroom a more decorative touch than those rusty rings.
  8. Hang your pictures easily and efficiently by using contact paper to align everything on the wall before you take a hammer to your walls!
  9. If you are in rental spaces that do not allow you to paint or drill holes in your walls when moving, consider hanging tapestries with stick-on hooks to get a whole new vibe.
  10. Use your accessories in place of art. So hang up those hats, scarves, purses and necklaces for everyone to see!
  11. Color code your shelving. This works great with all those random knick-knacks and books– it will really make your entire room come together.
  12. If you invest in anything, invest in a really cool, conversation-inducing coffee table.
  13. Change your floor drastically with a bright, printed carpet.
  14. Don’t be afraid not to match. Usually a mismatch of furniture and decor works really well, so don’t feel too self-conscious that you don’t have a perfectly matching dining room set.
  15. When in doubt, add plants. They spice up any room!

Looking to move? Follow these tips and you’ll soon have a budget-friendly home that will look straight out of a magazine.

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